Setting up the Online Business Builder

Updated on 10-July-2015 at 12:08 PM

Understanding the Online Business Builder

Partners can integrate an Online Business Builder on their free partner site. This allows prospects to create a fully fledged trial site under your Partner account. It's a great way to allow prospects to see the features of the Business Catalyst system so they can experience for themselves how it will benefit their business and their potential customers.

If rebranding has been enabled for your partner account, when a customer creates a site using the Obline Business Builder, the temporary URL assigned will reference your rebranded URL. For example, instead of the URL will be

As a Free or Standard Partner you can upgrade to a Premium Partner at any time in order to have access to additional functionality such as rebranding . To upgrade your Partner Plan, please contact Business Catalyst support .

Integrating the Online Business Builder

In order to integrate this you simply need to provide a custom URL to the Online Business Builder tool on your Partner Site. The URL can be found in the code snippet below:

<a href="">Create a Free Trial Site</a>

As you may have noticed in the code snippet, you will need to update to the default domain that has been specified on your Partner Site.

Upon clicking the link to the Online Business Builder your clients will be guided to the tool and prompted through a series of screens which will assist them in creating their trial site with you.

Setting up Notifications when Customers sign-up using the Online Business Builder

To ensure that no potential leads are lost you can setup a workflow notification to be tiggered upon customers signing up through the Online Business Builder.

To take advantage of this feature simply log into to your free Partner site and create a new workflow via Site Settings > Manage Workflows .

Then log into your Partner Portal > Settings > Partner Settings > Launch workflow on new Sign-ups and choose the newly created workflow and click Save.

Once you've completed the steps above you will receive an email message or SMS (depending on your set up) every time a new prospect creates a site using the Online Business Builder.

Subscribe Customers using the Online Business Builder to an Email Marketing list

If you've implemented the Online Business Builder on your partner website, then you can automatically subscribe anyone who creates a trial site to a newsletter of your choice. This is important as you can increase conversions of trial customers into paid ones by ensuring you communicate regularly with your clients via email newsletters.

Step 1: Log into your Partner Site and navigate to E-Mail Marketing > Mailing Lists. Create a new mailing list .

Step 2: Navigate to E-Mail Marketing > E-Mail Campaigns and create a new email campaign.

Step 3: Set the Campaign Type to Customer Event (e.g. Birthday Greeting) and select Customer Subscribe Date from the second drop-down list. To learn more about this type of campaign and how to set it up please refer to this article .

Step 4: Plan the delivery day of the campaign. For example, you can specify the campaign to send out 2 days after the customer has created a site by inputting 2 days after Customer Subscribe Date.

Step 5: Set the list of recipients for ths email campaign to the mailing list you created in step 2.

Step 6: Add content to this email campaign.

Step 7: Click the Send Campaign button to finalize.

Step 8: Finally to link this campaign to your Online Business Builder, go back to your Partner Portal > Settings > Partner Settings > Subscribe new Customers to List and select the name of the mailing list you created in step 2. This will subscribe all new customers to the list when they create a new site via the Online Business Builder.