App related FAQs

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Error: "401 Unauthorized"

One of the most common causes for this error is not using the latest bcapi.js library. Before contacting support please make sure you are using the latest version of the library .

If you are still getting this error after using the latest bcapi.js library please open a support case and mention the app key and the site the app is installed on.

Error: "This application is already installed on your site - but it needs to be authorized in order to function"

Before you can use the app that has been just installed on your site it needs to be authorized. This is an one-time operation that nees to be performed just before the app is ran for the first time.

To authorize the app you will need to login to your site using a partner username. If you login with an username that is not a registered as a partner you will receive the warning message below:

Error: "This application is not registered with our system"

If you are getting this error message below when trying to launch your app please make sure you have the language for the user you are logged in with set to "English".

To change the language settings for your username go to the "My Details" section here:

This issue will be solved in th next release, the targeted date is the beginning of April. If you are receiving the same error message after setting your user's language to English please open a ticket with support and make sure you indicate the user name you are using when you are getting the error and the application you are trying to open.