Best practices

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Install the free BC API Discovery app

This is a free app that allows you to visually build complex API queries, explore the fields available and more.

It produces code snippets you can then copy-paste right in your app, take a look at the BC API Discovery article for more info, getting started guide and download link.

Make sure the path is correct when delivering layouts with your app

If you need to deliver layout files with your webapp make sure to include the correct path. For example, in the "Meet the team" sample app the folder structure looks like this, the layout files are located in "/Layouts/Webapps/Meet The Team/":

Make sure the assets are available in the app's front-end

If your app uses a set of back-end and front-end pages do note that the front-end pages will not be able to link assets stored in the app's folder - /_System/apps/[app key]/

Here  is a more detailed description of the back-end front-end structure.

Link assets from the CDN whenever possible

Whenever possible link assets from the CDN:

You should not access cookies set on Admin Console's domain

Because the App loader will open the app's assets using a different domain you will no longer be able to access information stored in cookies on the Admin Console's domain.

Use the public folder to store front-end assets

If your app uses front-end pages or assets we recommend placing them in the "public" folder contained in your app's folder. For example, if you app folder is named "bc-sample-app" the structure looks like this: