Learn all there is to know about Business Catalyst. Discover how every module is designed to work and see how it relates to other parts of the platform.

  • CRM


    Seamless integration with your web forms, eCommerce, membership and content management features, allowing you to provide an enhanced customer service experience.
  • e-Commerce
    SEO-friendly online store, with complete billing & shipping integration, vouchers, referrals, recurring orders supporting major payment gateways and fully synced with your CRM.
  • Email marketing
    Unlimited personalized email marketing campaigns, targeted recipient lists, 10,000 email newsletters a month at no extra cost, all within just a few clicks.
  • Modules
    The easy way to implement advanced functionality and achieve complex business requirements, without the need for plug-ins or server-side coding.
  • Modules & Tags reference
    Access the tags and parameters reference to fine tune your website.
  • Site design
    Fine tune all site components, enabling you to deliver a personalized user experience from the first form submitted, to the last system notification received.
  • Site settings
    Configure admin access, e-mail accounts, add or remove domains, setup workflows, enable or disable major integration features.
  • Web Apps
    Build basic web applications, ranging from real-estate listings to business directories. Define mini databases and allows users to add/remove items via front-end.
  • Getting Support

    Access the knowledgebase, find answers on the forum, submit a support ticket, open a live chat session or contact customer care.