Displaying Shipping Options

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Once you have created your shipping options, the next step is to ensure that the shipping options display on the shopping cart of your online store. Displaying shipping options is done by inserting {tag_shippingoptions} in the shopping cart layout.

  1. Select Site Manager > Module Templates, and then click Online Shop Layouts.
  2. Select Shopping Cart from the list.
  3. Place the cursor in the content editor where you want the shipping options to display.
  4. From the Data tab of the Toolbox menu on the right, {tag_shippingoptions}
  5. Click Save.

Note: The default shopping cart layout includes the {tag_shippingoptions} tag. To avoid duplicate shipping options, ensure that you remove the existing tag before adding another tag.

Customizing the shipping options tag

You can customize the way shipping options are displayed within the shopping cart by modifying the tag in the layout.

  1. Select Site Manager > Module Templates, and then click Online Shop Layouts.
  2. Select Shopping Cart from the list.
  3. Locate the {tag_shippingoptions} tag in the layout, and then customize this tag by adding one or more of the below options:

See below for details on each option:

true - This parameter enables Delivery Country and Delivery State dropdown. You need to use this parameter if you want to display the state tax or provincial tax  for certain countries. 

Only Charge Country Users - True by default. For example if your customers are in the US, then they are forced to choose the state that they want the goods to ship to and will need to pay the relevant taxes. However if the purchasing customer is in Australia and are shipping the goods to United States California, then they are not forced to pay state taxes.

Ship to Single Country - If you only ship to a single country, then enter the 2-letter country code for that country, e.g. US for United States, otherwise leave empty. If you leave out this option the system will allow shipping to any country.

Note that you can actually select to ship the goods to multiple countries by entering the two letter codes for those countries and separating them by semi-colon (;) e.g. US;AU;GB

Apply Tax to Shipping Charges - True by default. If you don't want state taxes to be applied to shipping charges, then set this to false.

Apply Tax to Gift Vouchers - True by default. If the cart contains both, products and gift voucher items, then state tax is applied to all of them. By setting this value to false you will exclude state tax from being applied to gift vouchers. In the scenario where gift vouchers are excluded from state tax, the original tax rate for the gift voucher will remain applicable.


  • Display all countries in the Delivery Country menu and all tax codes in Delivery State menu
  • Not adding state tax to shipping charges and gift vouchers:
  • Limiting delivery to US and GB only (Delivery Country dropdown will have US and GB only on it)