Shipping options FAQ

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Can shipping options be imported?

User defined shipping options can not be imported. They need to be added one by one through Admin Console.

I just want to setup handling charge for my orders. I don't want to setup shipping options. Is this possible?

To have a handling charge added to an order you have to have a shipping option. If your shipping is $0 and you're charging your customers handling charge only, you will still need to create a shipping option and simply set the amount to $0 and call it something like "Handling Charge".

Do I have display the shipping options inside the shopping cart or can I display then on the registration step where the customer's address is collected?

Whichever type of service you decide to go with you have to setup your shopping cart to display the shipping options. Shipping options can only be displayed inside the shopping cart and can not be displayed on any other ecommerce checkout step, such as registration form.

I am creating a manual order and would like to apply the shipping to it from an integrated shipping provider. Is this possible?

Integrated shipping options only work on the front end. You will have to manually enter the amount for one of those options if you're applying the shipping manually or creating a manual order.

Can I setup my shipping options on per product basis?

The shipping options can not be set on per product basis. You can, however, have a per item handling charge added to the shipping cost. Shipping options can only be applied to the total quantity of an order.

How is the system handling shipping options if I sell a combination of electronic products, physical products and gift vouchers?

If you add an e-product or a gift voucher to the cart the shipping options dropdown will not be displayed unless you have a product in the cart to which shipping options apply.

I have shipping options enabled within my shop but sometimes certain orders go through without shipping. Why is that?

At times for whatever reason the customer my have disabled javascript locally. To force shipping validation see Enable server-side shipping selection validation

How to limit shipping options to display under certain countries?

Select E-Commerce -> Shipping options -> Show more options -> Limit delivery to following countries.

Can I exclude shipping from catalogs?

Yes, select E-Commerce -> Shipping options -> Show more options -> Exclude shipping if purchasing from these catalogs.

Is there a limit to the amount of shipping options we can add and can we import?

There are no limits and how many shipping options you would like to add however there are no importing features for shipping options.