Troubleshooting PayPal standard

Updated on 03-April-2017 at 9:44 AM

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PayPal Standard Issues

Issue Solution
The shop generates an invoice that is not correct. PayPal option won?t even go to PayPal. It says thanks for your order, etc. Please ensure you've selected "Credit Card Processing" as this will trigger the payment process through your gateways. Please add this field via Module -> Web Form -> Purchase form and update your Online Shop Layout -> Registration (Buy). You'll need to replace the old purchase form with the updated from through module manager.
Paypal reporting back to the site and Paypal processes the transaction correctly and returns to the site as normal. But the transaction never appears in the dashboard and an automatic invoice never goes out. This issue is usually due to the PayPal id not matching the primary email account associated with the PayPal account. Please view this thread for more information. It is important that the email address you use in the Payment Gateway setup page witih your site with the Token that is linked to the "Primary" email account. Paypal will let you have multiple email addresses which you can use to login to the account etc but only the primary account will work with the system. If using a secondary email address you will have this issue.
We have PayPal Standard and I am trying to integrate it into our website as our gateway. I have added in the token and user name into the system, but when I put a test transaction I am not taken to paypal. Please ensure you have the "PayPal" option under payment method (value = 5). This will need to be avialable so that the customer can select the option which will tell the system that this transaction will be handled by PayPal.
We are still on the free trial and currently trying to integrate our website with paypal, but an error message is being displayed stating that "You cannot use this feature in your plan. Please upgrade to a higher plan."  In order to test out the payment gateway functionality you'll need to upgrade as the error prompt states.
I would like to use PayPal Standard (non-seamless) to collect payment on my custom web form. Why will this not work? If using a custom web form to collect payment you must use a seamless gateway in which you can use PayPal PayFlow or Payment Pro since they're both seamless as Standard will not work due to it being non-seamless. The payment process simply will not work in this manner.
I am currently getting the following error when trying to make a purchase with a credit card: "Credit Card Payment Failed There was an error processing your credit card. Please correct this and try again. ERROR: An error occurred whilst processing credit card [Security header is not valid [Error Code:10002. Please go back and correct this.''" Please review this thread.
Shipping address sent as billing information to PayPal Standard PayPal is taking the ship-to information and filling address fields with shipping information automatically sent.

A customer who has used PayPal before will automatically see a login screen to get to their PayPal account, and will never see the shipping address.
A customer who has not used PayPal before or choose to pay with credit card directly, is going to see that address screen, and PayPal is operating on the premise that most people ship to themselves and therefore is assuming that it's logical to put the shipping information into those address fields to speed the process of getting to payment.
In this case the person making the payment must put their own address in their or else their credit card is going to be declined due to invalid address match, so most will simply delete the pre-filled address and type their own in, taking and extra few seconds in the payment process.
Paypal redirection error "Things don’t appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later" Paypal has updated its systems on 29th March 2017. Any webform which is used to accept payment via Paypal Standard payment gateway should have "Billing Address" field on it. Make sure you have the field added to the webform and then place it on the checkout page.