Working with the shop settings

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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The shop settings page allows you to adjust your eCommerce site settings such as your product inventory hold time. To access the shop settings page, go to Admin > Site Settings > Shop Settings

Shopping cart lifetime

The shopping cart lifetime option allows you to set the number of hours a product will remain in a customers shopping cart before the inventory is released back into stock. For example, if you set your inventory for a product to 5 and a customer adds this product to their shopping cart, your inventory level will drop to 4. However if this customer does not complete the order, this is the number of hours before the product will be returned to your inventory stock levels.

Product Feed

You now have an ability to enable an XML product feed which you can then feed into an external application. The feed for your site can be found at, however please note that by default this is not created.

To enable the product feed, go to Admin > Site Settings > Shop Settings, then select the Enable product feed checkbox and click Save.

Once the feed is enabled, to add catalogs to the feed you need to go to E-Commerce > Catalogs, and select the catalog you want to add to the feed. From here, click on Include in XML Feed checkbox, then click Save.

New Taxation Engine

The new taxation engine updates the algorithm in which your site calculates tax for your orders. You can enable this feature if you are having any issues with decimal rounding for your orders. For more details on the new taxation engine, see Working with the improved taxation engine .