What are system emails

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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System pages are used whenever the site visitor has to perform a system related action, for example resetting the password, making a purchase from your online shop, opening up a new case via the CST, submitting a webform and so on.

You can customize the content of system emails:

  1. Select Site Manager > System Emails and then click the name of an email.
  2. Make changes to the content in the editor.
  3. Add, delete, or rearrange tags in the content.

Some system emails use tags. The tags represent dynamic content. For example, the {tag_productname} tag is used in the Order Status Changed system email to dynamically insert the product name in the email before it's sent.

If the editor displays tags in the Data tab of the Toolbox, insert additional content in the layout by selecting tags from the menu. The available tags differ depending on the selected page or email. For details, see descriptions by placing your mouse cursor over a tag in the menu.