How can I redeem my commissions?

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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You can redeem your commissions when the commissions amount for your primary currency that you sell in, reaches $500 or more (it is not possible to redeem if your total is under $500). If you have commission accruing in both currencies, then when you redeem your commissions you will receive payments for both currencies.

For example, if you have reached US$500 or more in commission but less than AU$500 commission, you will receive both payments at the time of redeeming (paid into your Paypal account as two separate currencies).

To redeem your commission once you have reached the $500 minimum simply access one of the following two locations:

  • You can redeem your commission from your Partner Portal > Dashboard > Commissions > select View More > Redeem Commissions
  • Alternatively you can access the Partner Portal > Billing > Commissions tab and click Redeem Commissions.

Using either option a new box will ask you to enter your PayPal details. Each time you redeem your commission you will be asked to re-enter your PayPal details where the commission should be paid to.

Important: Business Catalyst ONLY pays commission into a PayPal account of your choice. No other form of payment is accepted.

Business Catalyst processes commissions once a month.  Our cut off date is the 20th of each month.  Once you have redeemed your commission, please allow up to 15 business days after our cut off date, the 20th of each month to have this paid.

The Commission will be deposited into the PayPal account you nominated at the time of redemption.  

Note: Commission earned cannot be used towards fees for hosting or overages.  


Your commission totals are displayed in your Partner Portal Dashboard.

The Current balance is the amount you have currently accrued. This balance includes all paid invoices with commission owing & not yet redeemed.

Your Cashed In amount includes any past commission redemptions already paid plus any future dated invoices (our invoices generate 14 days prior to the charge date) plus any overdue invoices (not paid).

Once the future dated invoices and the overdue invoices are paid, these commission amounts move up into the Current Balance total.