Managing your partner account details

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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You can manage your details by clicking on Settings from the main navigation menu.

Your Partner Name and Partner Email

The Partner Name and Partner Email are used as the from name and from email address of all system emails sent to your customers. Whenever a system related email such as workflow notifications and weekly reports are emailed to your customers, they will carry your brand if you are a Premium Partner.

If you are not a Premium Partner then the Business Catalyst brand will be used.

Your Partner URL

If you have listed any of your websites in the Gallery then the system will display a link to this URL so other Partners can easily view your website.

Your Partner Image

The Partner Image can only be set by Premium Partners. This branding will be used in the Administration area for all your customers. It will also be used in all system emails that are sent to your customers. Simply provide a link to an image hosted anywhere, e.g.

Your Primary Email Address

The primary email address is used for all communications between Business Catalyst and you. For example the 'Business Success' newsletter will be sent to this email address.

Additionally if you choose for Business Catalyst to bill you for your customer websites, then this is the email address to which the invoices are sent to.

What is 'Powered By' and where is it used?

Whenever your customers send an email marketing broadcast you can optionally attach your own 'Powered By' message to the footer of these newsletters. For example every outbound newsletter may contain a message such as 'This email newsletter delivered by ACME Design'.

You need to provide your 'Powered By' message in both HTML and Text formats as newsletters can be sent in either format. The 'Powered By' message used by Business Catalyst is 'Email delivery by Share the Vision - Online Businesses, Not Websites'.