Partner commissions

Updated on 19-August-2019 at 5:26 PM

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Business Catalyst partners can earn 10% commission (or 20% if you're a Standard or Premium partner*) on the hosting fees and overage charges for every site you put on BC.


All Business Catalyst Partners can build a revenue stream with attractive commissions. For each client you sign up using Business Catalyst, you'll receive a 10% commission on their monthly subscription fees and any overage charges such as extra disk space, newsletter or SMS charges. Over time, as you build more and more client sites on Business Catalyst, you?ll see your commissions develop into a healthy source of recurring revenue for you and your design business.

How it works:

  1. Your client signs up for a monthly hosting plan or purchases any additional extras
  2. Every month you earn 10% of the base cost of each client's hosting or extras fees
  3. Commissions can be claimed from your Partner Portal and are paid into a PayPal account nominated by you
  4. Important:

For Free Business Catalyst Partners*, the 10% commission is only available for the sites created after 11th of April 2014.

For Paid Business Catalyst Partners*, the 20% commission is only available for the sites that were pushed live after the Partner became paid.

*The paid partnerships are no longer part of our current offering. We now offer some of the benefits from the old paid partnerships in the free partnership:

Commissions Overview

Commissions are payable on monthly or yearly hosting fees and any overage charges such as extra disk space, newsletter or SMS charges. You can instantly have an overview of your commissions by accessing your Partner Portal > Dashboard. The Dashboard will show two commission numbers under the Commissions heading:

  • Current balance, representing commission that you can now redeem. This is the amount owning on paid invoices. It can be redeemed anytime from your Partner Portal account. More details on this below.
  • Cashed in, representing commission accrued since you joined Business Catalyst. This total will include all invoices generated, paid and not paid.

For more details on commissions simply access the Partner Portal > Billing > Commissions Tab for a list of system generated invoices for your clients. Here you will see if an invoice has been paid and the applicable commission accrued by each invoice.

Important: Commissions are ONLY due once the invoice is fully paid, either by you or your customer. You can check if an invoice has been paid in the Billing Tab of your Partner Portal.

Redeeming Your Commissions

You can redeem your commissions anytime from your Business Catalyst Partner Portal account. If you have commission accruing in both currencies, then when you redeem your commissions you will receive payments for both currencies.

For example, if you have US$100 in commission and AU$500 commission, you will receive both payments at the time of redeeming (paid into your Paypal account as two separate currencies).

To redeem your commission, simply access one of the following two locations:

  • You can redeem your commission from your Partner Portal > Dashboard > Commissions > select View More
  • Alternatively you can access the Partner Portal > Billing > Commissions tab and click Redeem.

Using either option a new box will ask you to enter your PayPal details. Each time you redeem your commission you will be asked to re-enter your PayPal details where the commission should be paid to.

Important: Business Catalyst ONLY pays commission into a PayPal account of your choice. No other form of payment is accepted.

Business Catalyst Commission Payments

Business Catalyst processes commissions once a month.  Our cut off date is the 20th of each month.  Once you have redeemed your commission, please allow up to 15 business days after our cut off date, the 20th of each month to have this paid.

The Commission will be deposited into the PayPal account you nominated at the time of redemption.  

Note: Commission earned cannot be used towards fees for hosting or overages.