Transferring sites between partners

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Transferring sites to another Partner Portal

Partners can now move sites across partner portal without having to go through our Support or Accounts teams. To move a site from one Partner Portal to another, all parties involved (the original partner user, the site admin/owner and the new partner) must approve the transfer.

Site transfer process can be initiated by the partner user or the site owner (site admin) if the site is invoiced directly to the site owner. To initiate a site transfer, go to Site Settings->Site Management. You need to enter the partner code of the partner portal where you want the site to be transferred to. The partner code can be found in the Partner Settings page in their Partner Portal (from the left hand side menu, go to Settings->Partner Settings or directly on this link:


  • Sites that have outstanding invoices cannot be transferred
  • No pre-paid hosting fees are transferred with the site
  • Similarly, pre-paid extras invoices (extra newsletter credits, extra users or disk space and so on) are not transferred either
  • The site becomes a Trial site in the new Partner Portal and needs to be upgraded using the regular site upgrade workflow
  • For security reasons, upon transferring a site all information related to payment gateway will be automatically deleted and you will have to re-configure the setup once the process is finished.
  • The site can be transferred between both free and paid partners

Transfer site process explained

Here are the detailed process steps required to transfer a site:

  1. Partner navigates to Site Settings->Site Management and initiates the site transfer process by entering the new partner's code
    • this step can be also done by the site owner, if the site is invoiced directly to the site owner

    • transfer site initial
  2. The system sends emails to the main partner user (the email address specified in the Partner Portal, under Partner Details) and all of the site Admin users that have System Administrator permissions. Those emails have a link that needs to be clicked for the transfer to be approved
  3. Partner receives the email, clicks on the link and approves the transfer
    • At this point, the Site Management interface in the Admin Console will show the approval process steps as they progress:
    • transfer site progress
  4. Site Admin receives the email, clicks on the link and approves the transfer
  5. The system now sends an email to the new partner user - it contains a similar link that needs to be clicked to approve and complete the site transfer
  6. The new partner receives the email, clicks on the link and approves the transfer.
  7. At this point, the site is transferred to the new Partner Portal as a trial site.
  8. The original partner user and the site admin receive a confirmation email that the site has been transferred to the new Partner Portal.


All invoicing setup against the site is not carried across with the site to the new Partner Portal. These invoices will permanently remain under the previous Partner Portal who originally setup the site. This applies to all hosting & extras (e.g. additional users, excess newsletters, disk space etc) & also applies to invoices setup on either monthly or annual billing. Please keep this in mind as under no circumstances do we provide a credit towards any previously paid invoices for sites moved to a new Partner Portal. Once the site move has been processed, the new Partner is required to upgrade the site immediately from within their new Partner Portal & this will setup new invoicing from that date.

Once the site has been moved...

The site is moved as a trial site. The new Partner has to upgrade the site from Trial to live via their Partner Portal. This will setup the new billing for the site.

Frequently asked questions

I'm the partner and I'm trying to transfer the site to another partner. I've started the process but I'm not receiving the approval email.

The email is sent only to the Partner Email listed in your Partner Portal, under Settings->Partner Details. Please make sure you check that mailbox.

Which admin user receives the approval request?

All Admin-only users that have Administer Permissions will receive the email. Any of them can approve the site transfer.

Can I cancel the transfer workflow once started?

Yes, it can be cancelled. Just navigate to Admin, Site Settings->Site Management and click Cancel under Transfer site. You can then start the process again if needed, from step 1.

I'm trying to approve the site being transferred and the link no longer works.

The approval link has a token that's valid only for 48 hours. You can Cancel the transfer process (see the above question) and start it again to generate the approval emails again.

No Mediation

Business Catalyst will not act as a mediator between partners and the site owner, or vice versa. We will only be able to assist and move the site once the existing partner and site owner have both granted approval of the site move.

If a customer is unable to contact their current Partner

If the customer (site owner) has attempted to contact their current Partner requesting they approve the site be moved from their Partner Portal & is unsuccessful in this attempt, after a period of 7 days, the Customer can request for Business Catalyst to contact their Partner direct. Business Catalyst will proceed with contacting the current Partner, requesting their approval to move the site from their Partner Portal.

Please note the following:-

1. Customer (site owner) contacting Partner: a period of 7 days is required initially, giving the Partner enough time to action the request.

2. Business Catalyst contacting Partner: following these 7 days, the customer is able to request Business Catalyst a new attempt to contact the Partner requesting their approval. Another 7 days are allowed for the Partner to reply, providing their approval.

3. The current Partner needs to be given sufficient amount of time to respond to both the customer & Business Catalyst contact requesting approval. Business Catalyst is not able to shorten the length of time provided to the current Partner for their approval.

The following outlines the next steps for the customer site owner & Business Catalyst to take:

1. If a period of 7 days has passed once the site owner has provided their approval to move the site (to a new Partner Portal) & contacted their Partner requesting they give their approval to move the site, the site owner is able to re-submit their approval case to Business Catalyst, requesting they contact the Partner direct.

2. Business Catalyst will advise the site owner that they will attempt to contact their Partner now & ask the customer to contact Business Catalyst again (via the existing case) to follow-up on the status after a further 7 day period. Note: if the Partner?s approval is received within this time, the site will be moved & the new Partner notified regarding the next steps.

3. Once the site owner re-contacts Business Catalyst (via the existing approval case) after the further 7 day period & Business Catalyst have not in this time received approval from the existing Partner to move the site from their Partner Portal, Business Catalyst will proceed to move the site to the new Partner Portal.