Modules and named parameters

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Traditionally, in the BC module syntax the parameters had to be separated by commas. The parameters not only had to be placed in a specific order, there were also some "slots" that were not used complicating the syntax even more.

To make working with modules intuitive and easier to use and understand we have introduced named parameters for modules.

This basically means that instead of using a module syntax like:


you can now use any of the syntaxes below, the order of the parameters doesn't matter:

{module_productfeaturelist tag="featured" rowCount="4" sortType="Weight" useBackupLayout="false"}

{module_productfeaturelist sortType="Weight" rowCount="4" useBackupLayout="false" tag="featured"}

You can use both legacy (the comma separated parameters) and the new named parameters syntax on your site as both methods will continue to work side by side.

Warning: at the moment Liquid code or module_data do not work in email campaigns, take a look at the BC.Next and email campaigns technote for more details.