Getting Support

Updated on 28-March-2018 at 9:30 PM

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Business Catalyst offers several support channels, that can be accessed from your dashboard, by going to the "Help & Support" Tab in the top right corner. 

This is the homepage of our Support Portal. You'll have access to our Knowledgebase, Forums, Live Chat & Support Tickets.

Note: Chat and Ticketing will only be available when you have logged in to your website with your partner account.

The Knowledgebase

Well you're seeing it now.
Accessible at , it contains all the references you need to setup and troubleshoot your Online Business. It's divided in two sections:

  • Getting started

If you're a first-time user than you'll find here all the relevant information to get you started, including useful videos, tutorials, as well as details for Creative Cloud users

  • Learning resources 

For existing/experienced users, the documentation area will point to all major areas of our KB. The user manual will contain all the details on how the BC infrastructure works, with complete descriptions for all modules, layouts and tags. Partners will have a separate, dedicated section addressing all common areas and topics. General, common questions are also addressed and lastly , we've built a complete reference for the Open Platform .


The Business Catalyst Community is a highly valuable resource for you as a developer. If you have a question and need a quick answer, chances are you'll find it here. Most of the time, whatever development scenarios you come across have already been tackled on the forums. Our Support staff is also active on the forums and aside from that, high value contributors are actually some of our largest Business Catalyst Partners. If knowledge si what you're after, this is where you'll get it.

Live Chat

We have a dedicated support team to assist with any issues or questions you may come across.

Live Chat is available 24/5 between Sunday 23:00 and Saturday 02:00. 

Note: This feature is available only when being logged in with the partner account (accessing support from the admin console).

Support Tickets

Chats can be escalated into cases. You can also submit cases yourself. Generally, issues that require in-depth investigations will be adressed through our support-ticketing system.

This feature is available only when being logged in with the partner account (accessing support from the admin console).

Trouble logging in? - in this case you can reach out using the Contact Us form here -

Cannot login to Business Catalyst

If you are unable to log in to Business Catalyst, then there could be an issue with your Business Catalyst account or user details.

If you have forgotten your login details, then you can reset your password here:

For additional assistance logging in to the Business Catalyst website, contact the team:

HTML/CSS/JS or other implementation related issues

The Business Catalyst support team does not troubleshoot implementation related or coding related issues. For assistance with the styling (HTML or CSS related customizations) or with the JavaScript code on your site please see the Community Forums

Note: Code samples found on the community forums or the Knowledgebase are provided as a guide only. Adobe doesn't provide support for the implementation of these items.

There are also a number tutorial websites available to assist you. See: