Blog comment list layout

Is used by these modules:

  • This is actually called through {tag_commentspaged}, which can be found in the Detail Layout
  • If you use Liquid, the properties below are nested under tag_commentspaged_(UNIQUE-ID-HERE).

Accessible from

  • Admin Console:┬áSite Manager > Module Templates > Blog Layouts
  • SFTP & Develop Mode: /Layouts/Blog/comment.html

Renders these tags

Liquid tag Legacy tag Description
{{body}} {tag_feedback}Customer comment
{{fullName}} {tag_fullname}Full name of the person who submitted the comment (anonymous if not available)
{tag_fullname_nolink}Full name of the person who submitted the comment without a link (anonymous if not available)
{{rating}} {tag_rating} Rating in stars, the Liquid tag represents the numeric value of the rating
{{date}} {tag_usagedate}Date when comment was given
{{country}} The country of the site visitor who posted the comment.
{{flagUrl}} The URL of the flag associated with the site visitor's country
{{website}} The value of the "website" field.
{{postUrlWithHost}} The URL of the post this comment is associated with.