Case detail layout

Is used by these modules

Accessible from

  • Admin Console:┬áSite Manager >Customer Cases Layouts > Detail Layout
  • SFTP & Develop Mode: /Layouts/CustomerCases/detail.html

Renders these tags

Liquid tag Legacy tag Description
{{assignedto}} {tag_assignedto}Customer service representatives the case is assigned to e.g. John Smith
{{casenumber}} {tag_casenumber}Case number
{{createdate}} {tag_createdate}Date and time the case was first created e.g. 25-Mar-2013 01:46 PM
{{lastupdatedate}} {tag_lastupdatedate}Date and time the last message was received e.g. 25-Mar-2013 01:46 PM)
{{ownernam}} {tag_ownername}Fullname of the owner of the case e.g. John Smith
{tag_crmform}The data from all CRM forms attached to a case e.g. In the case where a user submits a standard contact form, this tag will output the following code
{{description}} {tag_description}Description of the case
{{filelist}} {tag_filelist}List of files attached to a case (can be downloaded)
{{status}} {tag_status}Status of the case, possible values are: New, Open, Escalated, Closed, Re-Opened
{{subject}} {tag_subject}Subject of the case