Event detail layout

This layout is not used by any module per se.

Site visitors get to it only after clicking the links outputted by any of these tags {tag_button,Your Text} or {tag_question}.

Accessible from

  • Admin Console:┬áSite Manager > Module Templates > Event Layouts
  • SFTP & Develop Mode: /Layouts/Booking/detail.html

Renders these tags

Liquid tag Legacy tag Description
{{id}} {tag_id} Booking Id
{{name}} {tag_name}Booking name including a hyperlink. The hyperlink sends the user to the event's detail layout
{{body}} {tag_body}Details of booking (editor content) e.g. Something about the event goes here.
{{capacity}} {tag_capacity}Total number of seats for booking e.g. 130
{{percentfull}} {tag_percentfull}Percentage of booking seats already booked e.g. 40%
{{date}} {tag_date}Date of booking e.g. 24-Aug-2014. The Liquid tag uses the dateTime format
{tag_addtofavorites,add_Image, remove_Image}Add booking to favorites list. Optionally customize to display your own custom image for adding and removing like so - {tag_addtofavorites,<img alt="" src="/images/plus_icon" />,<img alt="" src="/images/minus_icon" />}
For additional information on how to render the output of this tag using Liquid take a look at the Enable other Liquid tags article.
{{date | date: "dd"}} {tag_bookingday}Day of Booking e.g. 24 if the booking date is 24-Aug-2014
{{date | date: "MMM"}} {tag_bookingmonth}Month of Booking e.g. Aug if the booking date is 24-Aug-2014
{{date | date: "yyyy"}} {tag_bookingyear}Year of Booking e.g. 2014 if the booking date is 24-Aug-2014
{{date | date: "dddd"}} {tag_day}Day of booking e.g. Saturday if the booking date is 24-Aug-2013
{tag_button,Your Text}creates a link that enables the user to navigate to the event's detail layout (replace Your Text with your own text)
{tag_capacitydescription}Description for number of seats available. The possible values are: Available, Filling Up, Almost Full and Full
{{capacityEmpty}} {tag_capacityempty}Number of available seats left for booking e.g. 79
{{lastUpdateDate}} {tag_lastupdatedate}Date and time the booking was last updated e.g. 29-Jan-2013 08:57 PM
{{classifications}} {tag_classifications}List of categories that this booking is classified under e.g. Company, Solutions