Individual forum layout

Is used by these modules

Accessible from

  • Admin Console:┬áSite Manager > Forum Layouts > Individual Forum Layout
  • SFTP & Develop Mode: /Layouts/Forum/forum.html

Renders these tags

Liquid tag Legacy tag Description
{tag_counter}Incremental count of the forums on the page
{{expiryDate}} {tag_expirydate}Expiry date of the forum
{{description}} {tag_forumdescription}Description of the forum
{{lastPostAuthor}} {tag_forumlastpostauthor}Name (alias) of the person who last posted to the forum
{{lastPostDate}} {tag_forumlastpostdate}Date and time of the last post in the forum
{{name}} {tag_forumname_nolink}Name of forum in plain text.
{{totalPosts}} {tag_forumtotalposts}Total number of the posts in forum
{{totalTopics}} {tag_forumtotaltopics}Total number of topics in forum
{{totalViews}} {tag_forumtotalviews}Total number of times topics of the forum have been viewed
{{lastUpdateDate}} {tag_lastupdatedate}Last update date of the forum by an administrator. The date is in dateTime format
{{releaseDate}} {tag_releasedate}Release date of the forum