Forum individual topic layout

Is used by these modules

This layout is not used by any modules, instead it is outputted by the {tag_topiclist} tag. For more info on this tag see the topics page layout layout.

Accessible from

  • Admin Console:┬áSite Manager > Module Templates >Forum Layouts
  • SFTP & Develop Mode: /Layouts/Forum/topic.html

Renders these tags

Liquid tag Legacy tag Description
{tag_addtofavorites,add_Image, remove_Image}Add forum to favorites list. Optionally customize to display your own custom image for adding and removing. Here is an example - {tag_addtofavorites,<img alt="" src="/images/add.gif" />,<img alt="" src="/images/remove.gif" />}
For additional information on how to render the output of this tag using Liquid take a look at the Enable other Liquid tags article.
{tag_avatar,placeholderimage,width,height}Display avatar image used by forum members. Optionally define placeholder image (e.g. /img/avatar.png) and maximum width/height for avatar.
{tag_counter}Incremental count of the topics on the page
{tag_readstatus}An icon showing whether the user has previously read the post or not (must be logged in) for example {tag_readstatus,<img src="/img/read.png" />,<img src="/img/unread.png" />}
{tag_topiclastpostauthor}Name (alias) of the person who last added a comment to the topic
{tag_topiclastpostdate}Date and time of the last post in the topic in dateTime format
{tag_topicname}Name of topic
{tag_topicposts}Total number of the posts in topic
{tag_topicviews}Total number of times this topic has been viewed
{tag_sticky,stickyImage}Image indicating the forum topic is sticky. Optionally customize with own image, for example {tag_sticky,<img alt=" src="/img/sticky.png" />}