Forum post page layout

Is used by these modules

This layout is not used by any modules. The site visitor gets to see it after clicking on a topic's link.

Accessible from

  • Admin Console:┬áSite Manager > Forum Layouts > Posts Page
  • SFTP & Develop Mode: /Layouts/Forum/posts_page.html

Renders these tags

Liquid tag Legacy tag Description
{tag_editor}Placeholder for the WYSIWYG editor after the new/reply post link is selected
{tag_forumdescription}Description of forum
{tag_forumname}Name of the forum
{tag_newpostlink}Hyperlink to make a new entry for the current topic
{tag_postlist,date}Normally when viewing a forum thread, the posts are displayed from oldest to newest. However it is possible to sort posts in reverse date order, i.e. newest to oldest. To utilize this feature simply go to Admin-> More Customization Options -> Forum Layouts -> Post Page and change {tag_postlist} to {tag_postlist,date}. This tag is rendered using the individual post layout
{tag_topicname}Name of topic
{tag_topicsubscribe}Hyperlink allowing the user to subscribe to the current topic