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Accessible from

  • Admin Console:┬áSite Manager > Module Templates > Media DownloadLayouts
  • SFTP & Develop Mode: /Layouts/Literature/list.html

Renders these tags

Liquid tag Legacy tag Description
{tag_addtofavorites,add_Image, remove_Image}Add literature to favorites list. Optionally customize to display your own custom image for adding and removing.
For additional information on how to render the output of this tag using Liquid take a look at the Enable other Liquid tags article.
{tag_button,Your Text}{tag_button,Your Text} replace Your Text with your own text, e.g. Click for more information
{{counter}} {tag_counter}Incremental count of the literature on the page
{{description}} {tag_description}Description of literature
{{expiryDate}} {tag_expirydate}Expiry date of literature
{{fileSize}} {tag_filesize}File size of the literature in KB
{{iconUrl}} {tag_icon}Icon representing the file type of the literature (16x16 pixels)
{{lastUpdateDate}} {tag_lastupdatedate)}Last update date of literature
{{name}} {tag_name_nolink}Literature name (will not have hyperlink)
{tag_name}Literature name (will have hyperlink)
{{releaseDate}} {tag_releasedate}Release date of literature