Drop shipping email

Accessible from

  • Admin Console: Site Manager > System E-mails > Drop Shipping
  • SFTP & Develop Mode: /Layouts/OutboundEmails/DropShipping.html

Renders these tags

{tag_addressshipping}Shipping address of customer
{tag_invoicedate}Date of Invoice
{tag_invoicenumber}Invoice number
{tag_ordername}Name of Order
{tag_productcode, syncWithAttributes, noSelectionMessage, disabledSelectionMessage} Product code. With variations enabled, tg product will render the variation code instead of the product codes in all layouts where this is used.


  • syncWithAttributes – true or false
  • noSelectionMessage – specify the message displayed when site customer has not selected a variation
  • disabledSelectionMessage – specify the message displayed when site customer has selected a variation that is disabled
{tag_productdescription}Product description entered by you when generating order
{tag_productname}Name of Product
{tag_productquantity}Product quantity
{tag_recipientaddress}Email address of the customer
{tag_recipientname}Name of the customer
{tag_shippingdescription}Description of shipping product
{tag_shippinginstructions}Any specific shipping instructions that accompany the order
{tag_siteurl}URL of the site from which the gift voucher was purchased from.
{tag_supplieraddress}Email address of supplier
{tag_suppliername}Name of Supplier