Order status changed email

Accessible from

  • Admin Console: Site Manager > System E-mails > Order Status Changed
  • SFTP & Develop Mode: /Layouts/OutboundEmails/OrderStatusChanged/
There are four status types available:

  • Goods Dispached
  • Goods Received
  • Purchase - Awaiting payment
  • Purchase - Payment received

Additional status types can be created via Type Manager, the relevant file being automatically created in the sFTP path mentioned above.

Renders these tags

{tag_recipientname}Fullname of contact or company
{tag_addressshipping}Shipping address for order
{tag_productcode, syncWithAttributes, noSelectionMessage, disabledSelectionMessage} Product code. With variations enabled, tg product will render the variation code instead of the product codes in all layouts where this is used.


  • syncWithAttributes – true or false
  • noSelectionMessage – specify the message displayed when site customer has not selected a variation
  • disabledSelectionMessage – specify the message displayed when site customer has selected a variation that is disabled
{tag_productname}Name of product
{tag_productdescription}Product description entered by you when generating order
{tag_productquantity}Product quantity
{tag_orderstatusold}Previous Order Status
{tag_orderstatusnew}New Order Status
{tag_trackingurl}This will render the URL that has been entered in the Tracking URL field of the order.
{tag_awbnumber}This will render the number/id that has been entered in the AWB number field of the order.
{tag_addressbilling}Billing address for order
{tag_addressdefault}Default address for contact/company
{tag_addresshome}Home address of the customer
{tag_addresswork}Work address of the customer
{tag_amountoutstanding}Amount outstanding on invoice
{tag_amountoutstandingactual}Amount of invoice actually outstanding only taking into account successful payments (pending payments excluded)
{tag_amountpaid}Amount already paid on invoice
{tag_amountpaidactual}Total successful payments received for an order. Excludes pending payments such as Check and COD.
{tag_company}Company name the contact is associated to.
{tag_countrycode}2-Letter Country Code, use it to indicate currency on invoice
{tag_custom1}Information stored in imported Custom 1 field
{tag_custom2}Information stored in imported Custom 2 field
{tag_custom3}Information stored in imported Custom 3 field
{tag_custom4}Information stored in imported Custom 4 field
{tag_customform}Displays all custom fields collected on the registration step of the checkout. (Please note that this tag does not accept any parameters)
{tag_directdebitdate}The date automatic debit is processed for invoice
{tag_directdebitdays}Number of days before automatic debit is processed for invoice
{tag_directdebitinfo}Direct debit information relating to order. Only shown if order generated via recurring engine rather than by customer or Admin.
{tag_directdebittype}Type of automatic debit for invoice, e.g. Credit Card or Direct Debit
{tag_invoicedate}Date of Invoice
{tag_invoicediscountamount}Total discounted amount of invoice excluding shipping charges
{tag_invoicenumber}Invoice number
{tag_invoicetime}Time of Invoice
{tag_invoicetotal}Total invoice amount
{tag_invoicetotaltaxamount}Total tax associated with order (product tax + shipping tax)
{tag_invoicetotalextaxamount}Invoice total amount excluding tax (e.g. products ex tax + shipping ex tax)
{tag_orderid}Order ID normally assigned to quotes. You can also use this value to search for the order in the Admin console's CRM > Search panel
{tag_ordername}Name of order
{tag_phonecell}Cell phone number for contact/company
{tag_phonehome}Home phone number for contact/company
{tag_phonework}Work phone number for contact/company
{tag_producteditorcontent}Product description as it appears in the WYSIWYG editor
{tag_productextaxamount}Product price exclusive of tax
{tag_productgrandtotal}Total cost of products (Total Product cost + Total Tax for Products)
{tag_productimage}Small image of the product
{tag_productinctaxamount}Product price inclusive of tax
{tag_productsubtotal}Total cost of all products exclusive of tax
{tag_producttaxamount}Amount of tax for one product ($)
{tag_producttaxrate}Tax rate applied to product (%)
{tag_producttaxtotal}Total amount of tax payable for products
{tag_producttotal}Total amount for product (Product x Quantity + Tax Rate)
{tag_producttotalextax}Total amount for product excluding tax (Product x Quantity)
{tag_recipientaddress}Email address of the recipient
{tag_recipientrelated}Displays the first contact/company related to the invoicee
{tag_shippingdescription}Description of shipping product
{tag_shippingextaxamount}Shipping cost exclusive of tax
{tag_shippinginstructions}Any specific shipping instructions that accompany the order
{tag_shippingtaxamount}Amount of tax for shipping
{tag_shippingtaxrate}Tax rate applied to shipping (%)
{tag_shippingtotal}Total amount for shipping (Shipping cost + Tax Rate)