Workflow reminder email

Accessible from

  • Admin Console:¬†Site Manager > System Emails > Workflow Reminder
  • SFTP & Develop Mode:¬†/Layouts/OutboundEmails/WorkflowReminder.html

Renders these tags

{tag_CreateDate}Date of workflow instance
{tag_EscalatedRoleName}Role responsible when workflow step is escalated
{tag_EscalationDate}Escalation date for the workflow step
{tag_expirydate}Expiration date for workflow step
{tag_objectname}Name of the item type this workflow step refers to (case, order, web page, template)
{tag_objecturl}URL to view the item associated with the workflow
{tag_ReminderDate}Remind date for the workflow step
{tag_RoleName}Role responsible for the workflow step
{tag_stepname}Current step of the workflow
{tag_workflowname}Name of the triggered workflow