This module renders the information stored in a custom field (also known as an extended database field) attached to the CRM record that is currently logged into your site's front-end.


{module_customerfield,extended database id,custom field id collection="my_custom_collection_name" template=""}


  • extended database id - this is the ID of the extended database field collection
  • custom field id - this is the ID of the individual field you wish to render
  • collection - use this if you need to access the module's Liquid output tags
  • template - this module does not support custom templates. You can use the template parameter however to supress the module's output

How to get the IDs for this module

There are basically two ways you can get the IDs for that particular module:

Use the Update User Details form

  • create a test page
  • from the Toolbox insert the Site Modules > Secure zones > Update User Details form
  • from the Insert module dialog make sure you select All CRM forms
  • after you insert the form look for the custom fields you want to get the module for, the module_customerfield module will be used to pre-fill the information in the form's fields

Manually getting the IDs

  • To get the extended database id go to CRM > Extended CRM Database and hover the extended database form's name:
  • To get the custom field id go to the particular Extended database form and inspect the list of fields: