{module_json} renders the contents of a JSON file you specify according to a custom template.

To learn more about the {module_json} file please take a look at the Render your own JSON files using module_json article


{module_json json="the-json-file" template="/the-template-to-use"} collection="myData"


  • json - the path to the JSON file (the data source file)
  • template (optional) - the template file you want to use to represent the data set with
  • collection (optional) - the collection where the JSON data is stored


  • {module_json, json="/module_json/data.json" template="/module_json/template.tpl"} - this will use the data.json file and render it using the template.tpl template
  • {module_json, json="/module_json/data.json" collection="myData" - this will use the data.json file and store it into a collection called myData