Module reference

Modules are pre-built features that come included with the Business Catalyst Platform.Using either the Admin Console, "Develop" mode, or Adobe Dreamweaver, you can insert these modules inside web pages to add new features to your sites. Examples of module functionality include: forums, blogs, photo galleries, and RSS feeds.

If your requirements go beyond what a pre-built module offers, you can extend the system using Web Apps.

Modules and layouts

The information rendered by almost all modules is controlled by layouts associated with them.

Some modules though, can use custom templates (or custom layouts), this means you can create a layout of your own and configure the module to use this custom tag you have created, for example:

{module_productresults,2,_self,2,,,true} - this renders the product results using the default product list layout while using {module_productresults,2,_self,2,,,true template="/layouts/custom/productfeaturelist.tpl"} renders the same module using your own custom template. If your custom template cannot be found (it does not exist for example) the system defaults back to the List layout.

Please see the Custom templates (layouts) article for more information on how to use this feature and a list of modules support custom layouts.

Modules that support custom templates (layouts)

  • {module_literature}
  • {module_announcement}
  • {module_faq}
  • {module_forum}
  • {module_blog}
  • {module_case}
  • {module_order}
  • {module_webappscustomer}
  • {module_affiliateprogram}
  • {module_webappsresults}
  • {module_booking}
  • {module_catalogue}
  • {module_product}
  • {module_productresults}
  • {module_ratingfeedback}
  • {module_caseresults}
  • {module_webapp}
  • {module_blogsitepost}
  • {module_blogpostlist}
  • {module_productfeaturelist} - it does not have a customizable template, but uses the product template to render each product.

Using Modules inside Modules

You have the ability to use modules within modules. This means that for example,within a Content Holder you can place one or more of the below modules within it. There are some important items to note when doing this:

  1. Rendering modules within modules will only render 3 levels deep. For example,if you have a recursive Content Holder that contains itself within the content,this will render 3 levels before no longer rendering. See below tree-structurefor an example of inserting this Content Holder on a page:
    • Content Holder 1
      • Content Holder 2 - LEVEL 1
        • Content Holder 3 - LEVEL 2
          • Content Holder 4 - LEVEL 3
            • Content Holder 5 - WILL NOT RENDER