Get the notes for a customer

    This API endpoint is used to list the notes for a customer list


    • Method: GET
    • Version: v3, this API call supports additional sort and filter mechanisms as well as retrieving only a sub-set of fields

      Note: This API endpoint supports only read / GET operations.

      Note: In order to access the v3 API endpoints please make sure you have enabled the new rendering engine.

    • Server: https://[app key here]-[site_ID here] Take a look at the Authorize your API calls document for more info on how this URL is formed.
      • Note: When building apps always use relative request URLs. Do not use the "full" URL above because you might have problems running your app on a different site as the site_ID parameter will be different.
    • Path: /webresources/api/v3/sites/current/notes/
      • Alternatively, use siteID instead of 'current'
    • Authorization header: This should contain the authorization token. Here is how to obtain the token.


    The list of notes in JSON format.

    • id - the id of the note (integer)
    • siteId - the id of the site (integer)
    • objectId - the id of the customer (integer)
    • objectType - the type of the customer(interger)
      Possible values are:
      • 1001 - Individuals
      • 1002 - Companies
    • createBy - the id of the admin that created the note(integer)
    • createDate - the date the note was created (date)
    • lastUpdateBy - the id of the admin that last updated the note (integer)
    • lastUpdateDate - the date the note was last updated (date)
    • note - the note details(string)
    • deleted - note status deleted (true / false) (boolean)

    The response is paginated, you can return only a few of the customer's fields. Take a look at the API V3: sorting and filtering for additional switches you can use.

    You can output additional fields to those listed above as default, see the API v3 Discovery APP for additional details.

    Accepts and returns JSON as Content-Type.


    GET webresources/api/v3/sites/current/notes HTTPS/1.1
    Authorization: 14f87f21c5ea4830a06a6314a8aad82b45bc61dc08f24a0fb55599cea83ca811
    Connection: keep-alive
    Content-Type: application/json


    	"items": [
                "id": 132988,
                "siteId": 2777580,
                "objectId": 74847478,
                "objectType": 1001,
                "createBy": 1146122,
                "createDate": "2020-08-04T18:12:02.287",
                "lastUpdateBy": 1146122,
                "lastUpdateDate": "2020-08-04T18:12:02.287",
                "note": "email him with offer",
                "deleted": false
                "id": 132989,
                "siteId": 2777580,
                "objectId": 74847478,
                "objectType": 1001,
                "createBy": 1146122,
                "createDate": "2020-08-04T18:12:20.817",
                "lastUpdateBy": 1146122,
                "lastUpdateDate": "2020-08-04T18:12:20.817",
                "note": "offer better commission",
                "deleted": false
                "id": 132990,
                "siteId": 2777580,
                "objectId": 74847477,
                "objectType": 1001,
                "createBy": 1146122,
                "createDate": "2020-08-04T18:12:37.973",
                "lastUpdateBy": 1146122,
                "lastUpdateDate": "2020-08-04T18:12:37.973",
                "note": "Demo the new product",
                "deleted": false
    	"totalItemsCount": 3,
    	"skip": 0,
    	"limit": 10

    Sample code

    var access_token = BCAPI.Helper.Site.getAccessToken();
    var request = $.ajax({
        url: "/webresources/api/v3/sites/current/notes",
        type: "GET",
        connection: "keep-alive",    
        contentType: "application/json",
        headers: {
            "Authorization": $.cookie('access_token')
    request.done(function (msg) {
    }) (jqXHR) {
        console.log("Request failed.");
        console.log("Error code: " + jqXHR.status);
        console.log("Error text: " + jqXHR.statusText);
        console.log("Response text: " + jqXHR.responseText);