Get Countries List

Gets the list of supported countries in Business Catalyst. You are not required to be logged in to use this API.


  • Method: GET
  • Server: https://[app key here]-[site_ID here] Take a look at the Authorize your API calls document for more info on how this URL is formed.
    • Note: When building apps always use relative request URLs. Do not use the "full" URL above because you might have problems running your app on a different site as the site_ID parameter will be different.
  • Path: /api/v2/admin/system/countries


  • Query:
    • ip - the IP for which you require the appropriate country, or "current" for the current request IP. If not supplied, the entire list of countries supported by Business Catalyst is returned (string, optional)


countryList object with the following properties:

  • items - an array of country objects which have the following properties:
    • countryCode
    • displayName

Accepts and returns JSON as Content-Type.


GET /api/v2/admin/countries HTTPS/1.1
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Type: application/json


HTTP/1.1 200 OK Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8 { "currentPage":1, "items": [ { "countryCode":"AU", "displayName":"Australia" }, { "countryCode":"US", "displayName":"United States" }, ... ], "itemsPerPageCount":1000, "links": [ { "rel":"previous", "uri":null }, { "rel":"next", "uri":null } ], "totalItemsCount":240 }

Sample code

Below is some sample code using the bcapi.js SDK. For more information, see Interacting with APIs using the bcapi.js SDK

var itemCollection = new BCAPI.Models.CountryCollection();

Error codes

This method will return the following error codes:

  • 200 - success
  • 401
    • 105000 sub-code - invalid IP passed to "ip" argument
  • 500 - internal server error