Manage customer sales opportunities

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Use customer sales opportunities in the system to create, forecast, and monitor potential customer sales.

You can add opportunities to existing customer records, or allow the system to create opportunities when site visitors submit a form.

Add a sales opportunity

Sales opportunities are added to existing customers in the database.
  1. Select CRM > Search and find the customer record.
  2. Select Opportunities from the More menu, and then click New Opportunity.
  3. Specify the opportunity details, and then click Save or Save & Finish.

Create sales opportunities using web forms

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Create a form by selecting Site Manager > Web Forms, and clicking New Web Form
    • Open an existing form by selecting Site Manager > Web Forms, and selecting a form from the list
    See Create and insert a form.
  2. Click Edit Properties.
  3. Click the Create Sales Opportunity box, and specify the opportunity properties. 

    For details, see tool tips next to the options.

  4. Click Save.
An opportunity is created for the customer when this form is submitted.  

Monitor sales opportunities

  1. Select CRM > Opportunities.
  2. Use the Filters menu to specify the opportunities report properties.
  3. To open an opportunity, click view to the right of the opportunity.

Using the Reports module for a global view

You can quickly see how the subscription area of your site is evolving using the Reports module. You can generate a "Customers and Opportunities" type reports that show customer details and their opportunity-related fields like probability, type, stage and so on.

After the report is generated you can sort it using the table headers, export it to Excel, in PDF format to to a CSV file or do something with the results - add them to a campaign list, a secure zone or an affiliate program. You can also save the report for later use.