Managing customers & cases

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Whenever a site visitor submits a webform on your site the information submitted is stored in a case associated to that particular CRM record.

Let's assume I have created a "Contact us" form on my site. Because I need to collect the customer's message I have added a custom "multiline" field to my form. Here is a more detailed guide on how to create webforms with custom fields .

Note: The customer database is not available on all site plans. See Detailed plan breakdown

This is what the form the customer submits in the front-end of the site looks like:

After Jane the site visitor submits the form the system first checks to see if Jane has a CRM contact already created in the back-end. Let's assume there is none and the system creates it. After creating the contact the information submitted is stored in a case which is given an unique ID number.

There are several ways to open up Jane's submission in the Admin Console:

  • open up the case from the Live Feed on the Dashboard:
  • open up Jane's contact details panel, select the "Cases" tab and you will see all the cases submitted by her
  • search for the particular case ID using the CRM -> Search panel
  • go to the CRM -> Cases panel where you will see all the cases on your site that match the filter criteria
  • if you have configured the CST you can reply to cases or change their status directly from your email client. See this article for a detailed guide on how to configure your CST

Tip: As you receive more and more inquiries from customers it is important to keep them organized. You can configure the filters of the "Cases" panel to display the cases with the status "Not Closed" and select from the "Source" dropdown the name of the form used to submit the inquiry.

You will notice the status of the case is now "New". To reply to the case open it up and press the "New message" button - this will open up a WYSIWYG editor where you can type your reply.

After you type your message and send the reply to Jane you can click the "Edit" button and modify the case's properties: such as the status, admin who is assigned to the case, case ID or subject and so on.

Using the Reports module for a global view

The most convenient way of interacting your customer database is using the CRM -> Customers panel.

A more complex method you can use to manage customers would be to use the "Customer" types reports. Using the reports you can display custom fields associated to contacts and filter and sort the contacts using custom conditions.

Let's create a report that shows all the customers, their email address and their phone numbers:

  1. first off go to the Reports -> Custom reports panel and click the "Add Customer Report" button. Let's choose "Customers and Cases" for this example and click "Next"
  2. in the next screen you can choose the columns you want the report to have, let's check "Customer Name with Details", "Email 1 (Primary)" and "Cell Phone", then click "Next"
  3. in this screen you can:
    • add additional filtering criteria - for this example we will not use additional filters
    • choose which webform related submissions will be displayed. Let's choose "Contact us form", you will notice the form's custom fields are added
  4. click "Generate Report"

After the report is generated you can go ahead and sort it using the table headers, export it to Excel, in PDF format to to a CSV file or do something with the results - add them to a campaign list, a secure zone or an affiliate program. You can also save the report for later use.