Managing customers & orders

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Whenever a site visitor makes a purchase (buys a product, subscribes to a member only area that requires payment or to an event that requires payment) the system does two things:

  • creates a CRM record for that visitor (assuming there is no existing contact that corresponds to that particular email address the visitor entered)
  • creates an order to process the actual payment

Let's assume we have implemented an online shop users can purchase products from.

Note: The e-Commerce module is not available on all site plans. See Detailed plan breakdown

After Jane the site visitor makes a purchase on your site an order will be logged under her CRM record.

There are several ways to get to Jane's order in the Admin Console:

  • open up the case from the Live Feed on the Dashboard:
  • open up Jane's contact details panel, select the "Orders" tab and you will see all the orders submitted by her
  • search for the particular case ID using the CRM -> Search panel
  • go to the CRM -> Orders panel where you will see all the cases on your site that match the filter criteria
  • click on the "View this item" link in the Workflow notification you receive after the purchase was made

For a closer look at working with orders take a look at Manage order payments

Order reports

You can use the Reporting module to generate custom reports that include order information.

Let's create a report that shows all the products purchased, their amount and the details of the person who logged them:

  1. first off go to the Reports -> Custom reports panel and click the "Add E-Commerce Report" button
  2. select the report type, in this example let's choose "Products"
  3. in the next screen you can choose custom filtering criteria, let's leave this unchanged for now and click "Next"
  4. the report is now generated, you get a graph showing the revenue generated per product over the last month. You can further customize the data shown using the "Filters" drop down.

After the report is generated you can export it to Excel, in PDF format to to a CSV file or save it for later use.