Managing customers & subscriptions

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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A very important component of working with the CRM database is managing the contacts' subscriptions. Each contact can be granted access to a member only area for a certain amount of time or indeffinetly, can be added to a newletter list or be granted special discounts. Let's detail these functionalities one by one.

Note: The customer database is not available on all site plans. See Detailed plan breakdown

Subscribing the contact to e-mail campaign lists

In this area you will see all the lists you have defined on your site. For a closer look at how campaigns work, how you can create and configure e-mail marketing lists take a look at the creating a mailing list article .

You can either manage the lists a contact is subscribed to from this panel or manage the contacts subscribed to a mailing list from the "Mailing lists" panel.

If a customer clicks the "Unsubscribe" link in one of your campaigns he will opt-out and will no longer receive any campaigns. At this point you can:

  • "Force opt-in" the contact - this means he will be marked as eligible for receiving campaigns again without being asked to confirm this
  • send a "Double opt-in" request - this will send an email asking for permission to receive campaign emails again. The content of this email can be customized from the Double Opt-In Email system email

Managing the secure zone access

In this section all the secure zones are listed, you can grant access for this particular contact by ticking the secure zones from the list.

You can also change the access expiry date for each of the secure zones using the datepicker. The amount of time an user has access to a secure area can also be specified via the front-end, take a look at this tutorial on how to build a trial-based secure area with limited 30-day access .

Special catalog discounts

You can also define special discounts for contacts when purchasing from specific catalogs. On this panel you will see all the catalogs defined on your site, you can enter the discounted percentage for each of them.

Using this feature you can add special discounts for logged in users only for particular catalogs.

What happens if a particular product is placed into two catalogs and one of them has a particular discount? Will the price differ if the user purchases from the discounted catalog vs the non-discounted one? No - the system will use the lowest price so if a product costs $20 and is placed in 5 catalogs one of which has a 50% discount for the user "Jane" she will purchase the product at $10 no matter the catalog she added the product from.


All the products can have two prices, the regular price and a wholesaler price for authenticated users.

Using the "This customer is a wholesaler." checkbox you can mark this customer as a wholesaler, this way he can purchase products at special prices.

Take a look at the " Set up wholesale purchases on your online store " article for more details on how to configure this setup.

Joining the affiliate program

This is pretty self explanatory - tick the affiliate programs you want to subscribe this user to. After you subscribe this contact to a program the "Email Affiliate Program Details" button will appear and you will be able to send this contact an email with the details of the affiliate programs he is in .

Using the Reports module for a global view

You can quickly see how the subscription area of your site is evolving using the Reports module. You can generate Secure zone based reports that show customer details and their secure zone expiry dates, or the secure zone membership cost or currency. If you are using email marketing you can see which lists customers subscribed to, the date they subscribed on, their opt-in status and so on.

After the report is generated you can sort it using the table headers, export it to Excel, in PDF format to to a CSV file or do something with the results - add them to a campaign list, a secure zone or an affiliate program. You can also save the report for later use.