Exporting product and customer data

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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This article will explain how to Export various types of Data from your site.

Exporting product data

To export all the products from your site, simply go to E-commerce ->Products ->Export...  and save the file as Excel spreadsheet.

  • Make sure you save it either as CSV or TAB delimited during reimporting.

Exporting customer data

To export customer data you'll simply go to Reports > Custom Report> Add Customer Report.

*Please note: You can also create a custom customer report to include additional data as you require. This is simply an example of a basic customer report.

From here you can view and export the entire customer database. You can also manually add additional customers to the report.

Obtaining your website files

The easiest way to export web pages, images and other files is to use SFTP. Simply log into your SFTP client and download all these files onto your local computer.