Setting up Google Apps email with Business Catalyst

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Google Apps is a service that allows you to manage a number of Google services such as email using your own domain name. For details, see the Google Apps website.

To use Google Apps email with your Business Catalyst hosting, the name servers (DNS) for your domain must point to the Business Catalyst servers. For more details, review the article on changing the domain name of your site .

Step 1: Set up a Google Apps account

  1. Visit the Google Apps sign up page, fill in your details and click Next.
  2. Add your domain name. Click Next.
  3. Specify your Google app account details and click Accept and signup.

You will be redirected to the admin console.

If you already added your domain to your Business Catalyst site, click Start Setup. If not, follow the steps below.

Add your domain name to Business Catalyst

If you have already added your domain name to your site, you can skip this part and proceed to the next step.

  1. Select Site Settings > Site Domains and click New Domain.
  2. Enter your domain name and specify the properties of this domain name (for detailed description of your options look at changing the domain name of your site ).
  3. In the Email section, select Use your Google Apps account for email.
  4. Click Save.

Step 2: Verify your domain name with Google

Having pressed Start Setup in your Google Apps Admin Console, the first step of the process will be to verify your domain to activate the Google Apps service. Click Verify Domain.

You will have several options for verification, the default one involving you add a meta code to your between your <head> tags on the front page of your website. Once verification is completed, you'll be able to proceed to the last step.

Step 3: Verify MX records configuration for Google Apps

Click Set up Gmail. This will open a friendly tutorial that will help you verify that all the settings are in place, in order to transfer your email service to Google.

If your domain name was already added to Business Catalyst before starting up with Google Apps, with another email hosting option selected, you'll have to delete any associated MX records and create google compatible ones, from Site Settings > Site Domains > More Actions > New MX Record. See  how to create an external MX record.

Selecting Use your Google Apps account for email , all Google MX records will be automatically created for you.

Finishing this step completes the Google Apps setup.

Other considerations

With the introduction of the DMARC authentication protocol you will not be able to send emails on behalf of Gmail. This means that you cannot set a Gmail address as the "from" address for:

  • System E-mails: Workflow notifications or Auto-responders
  • E-mail Campaigns

For more details on this limitation please have a look at the DMARC Changes for Aol, Yahoo and Gmail