Advanced customizations for the events module

Updated on 21-June-2018 at 2:34 PM

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Managing multiple events

If you create multiple events on your page you will notice they are all using the same subscription webform. Let's take a look at how you can use different subscription forms with a different set of fields for each event.

A very important thing to note is that by default the webform used to subscribe to an event is inserted into the event's "detail layout ", this means that if you define multiple events they will all use the same form. If you want to use different webforms for each of your events you will need to:

  1. create the different webforms in the "Site Manager" -> "Web Forms" panel
  2. remove the default webform from the event's "detail layout "
  3. insert the newly created webforms in the event's body

This way each event will use its own designated webform. Let's take a look at how to do this.

  1. first of all let's create another event named "After party"
  2. create two different webforms, one for each event. Take a look at the Basic webform guide for more details of the fields you can add to your webform
  3. go to "Site Manager" -> "Module Templates" -> "Event Layouts", select the "Detail Layout" from the drop down, edit the "Detail layout " and remove the default form. This is how your layout should look like:
  4. At this moment if you open up the calendar into the front-end and go to the event details page again you will notice there is no dorm any more. Time to insert the forms we have just created into the events. Go to "Modules" -> "Events", select "Store opening" from the list of events and insert the appropriate webform:
  5. Edit the "After party" event and insert its corresponding webform.

Do note that every time you want to add a new field to your webform you will need to first edit the webform itself and re-insert it to the event's body or to the event layout.

At this moment you have two different events, each with its own subscription webform.

Collecting payment for your events

If you organize paid events you can also collect payment for your event. The first step of creating a paid - subscription based event is to check this option when creating the event:

This will ensure the site visitor is redirected on the secure domain.

Next we need to edit the form we will be using with the booking and add the payment related fields:

When adding the Credit Card Processing field to a webform, as a best practice, also enable the "Enforce minimum amount" value - enter the lowest amount you expect to collect via this form:

After the form is modified we need to re-insert it into the event's body or the event detail layout.

Once the new form is in place, you can hard-code the price for one seat like so:

or enable your site visitors to book multiple seats at once .

After the payment-enabled booking form is submitted an order will be created and associated with the contact who subscribed to the booking. Take a look at the Manage order payments article for more details on managing the orders.