Troubleshooting Blog Imports

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Genaral Blog Import Issues

A very common issue we see is a broken XML file. If you try to import such file into your blog it will fail and the error will be thrown. The best way to find out if your XML file is improperly formated is to open it in Firefox on your local machine and see if Firefox displays the file or gives you an error. Firefox will usually report an error in the following format: blog-import-error.jpg

In the above example you can see the line number and a description of an issue. You will need to fix all of the errors in your XML file in order to import it.

Resolving issues when importing XML files from WordPress

If you receive the following error or a similar error message: 

ERROR: [ There was a system error.-'excerpt' is an undeclared namespace. Line 104, position 2.]. Import process failed on line: [0] Please ensure 1) mandatory columns are present, 2) you have the right number of columns, 3) Line breaks appear at the end of each line and not within the line. 

This particular problem (with the excerpt issue) is a known bug in the WordPress export code. You can correct this issue by adding xmlns:excerpt=" " to the <rss> XML tag at the top of the file. Another common error is with <wp:meta_value>. If you have an ampersand (&) between these tags, the import will fail. Be sure to remove all instances of the & symbol before importing. Additionally, the author name must not be longer than 256 characters. That can also cause import issues with WordPress. Visit the WordPress site to get more information.