Booking multiple seats for an event

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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By default a booking form reserves one spot for each person. And each person may only ever book one spot to a booking. However it is possible to make changes to your web form so customers can choose the number of spots for a booking.

To enable your customers to book multiple seats under one name you will need to:

  1. add the booking form to your event body or to the event's detail layout. Take a look at this section for more information on how to insert the event subscription form
  2. edit the form's HTML code and add this code below:

If you wish to set a maximum number of spots a customer can book, then this can easily be achieved using JavaScript, the example below will allow up to 5 spots to be booked by a single customer.

Do note that a particular contact can only make one single seat or multiple seat booking per event. If for example the user Jane Doe with the email address tries to submit the booking form a second time she will receive the error message "ERROR: Booking could not be made as this email address is already registered for this booking."