Let site visitors sign up for an event

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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You can add an event invitation to your site that lets visitors sign up for the event. Business Catalyst tracks the number of available places. It can also send booking confirmation emails and follow-up emails to attendees after the event.

Create the event

The first step is to create the event from the Admin Console. To do so:

  1. Select Modules > Events and click Add Event.
  2. Specify a name for your module and select a date for the event.
  3. To manage the number of available places, click More Options and enter the number of places for the event.
  4. Enter a description for the upcoming event in the Event Content box, and then click Save.

Add the event to a webpage

The events can be added to a webpage either as a list (which can be customized from the event's list layout ) users can go through or in a calendar view. To add a calendar so site visitors can get a better idea of our upcoming list of events open up the Toolbox and insert this module:

In the "Insert Module" panel (the screenshot above) you can choose whether only Event, only News or both News and Events will be displayed. To learn more about News take a look at Working with the news module

This is how the calendar view will look like on your page, it is a basic table (does not have a corresponding layout) you can style according to your needs.

After site visitors click the event's link they will be taken to the event's page and they will be able to subscribe for it. The look and feel of the event's page can be customized in the event's " detail layout ".

Modifying the Event

Now that we have created the event and exposed it in the front-end let's further customize it. In this example we will add a new field to the "Booking form" and re-insert it into the event's " detail layout ".

  1. first off go to "Site Manager" -> "Web Forms" panel and click the "Booking form"
  2. now the form is opened add a new custom field and save the form
  3. open up the event's " detail layout ", delete the existing form and insert the updated version of the form

Do note that every time you want to add a new field to your webform you will need to first edit the webform itself and re-insert it to the event's layout.

Managing the event subscribers

There are three ways of adding (subscribing) customers to your event:

  • the customers subscribe themselves via the front-end - this is done using the webform inserted into the event body or in the event's detail layout
  • quick subscribe - you can use this method to quickly add new or existing CRM contacts to your event:
  • from the contact's details panel - you can manually subscribe an individual CRM contact to an event from its details panel:
    • Managing the customer communication

      Right after a site visitor subscribes to an event he is sent a confirmation email. To customize this confirmation email go to the "Notification Email" tab:

      The confirmation email must have the {tag_verificationurl} - this will render a "Click to verify your booking." link. After the site visitor clicks that link he will be taken to the "Booking Verification Confirmation" system page to confirm the event registration. See the event related system pages for details.

      If you do not insert this tag in the notification email the system will add it at the beginning of the email.

      Aside from the initial email sent right after the customer subscribes you can configure multiple emails to be sent to a subscriber before and after the event date. Let's create a "reminder" email and configure it to go out 3 days before the event.

      Go to "Modules" -> "Events" and select your event from the list. Then click the "Follow-up Emails" tab. Fill in the follow up name, email subject and contents. In the "Delivery Day" textbox enter "-3" - this will send this particular email 3 days before the event. Here is how it should look like:

      To create an email that is sent after the event add a positive number in the "Delivery Day" field. You can add as many notification emails as you need before and after an event.

Check out this video tutorial from BC Gurus on working with the Events module