Working with the FAQ module

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Using this module you can manage and display a list of FAQ items on your site. The module comes with its own search box you can use to search the items using keywords or categories and sort them by popularity or alphabetically.

The workflow consists of the following steps:

  • Add some FAQs from the Admin console
  • Insert links and optionally the dedicated search form to a page

Add content to the FAQs module

  1. Select Modules > FAQs, and click Add FAQs.
  2. Enter the subject in the FAQ Question textbox and the body in the FAQ Answer area.
    For details, see the tool tips next to the options.
  3. Click Save.

Display the FAQ items on a page - the plain list and AJAX enabled list

The FAQ items can be displayed in two modes, either as a plain list list (when the site visitor clicks the question he is redirected to the FAQ's detail page) or as an AJAX enabled list which displays the answer on the same page. When you insert the news item list into a page using this view clicking an item in the list will not take the site visitor to the detail view of the item, instead, the system will load the item's body on the same page.

  1. Place the cursor in the content editor where you want links to the FAQ items to appear on the page.
  2. In the Modules tab of the Toolbox found on the right of the editor, select FAQs > List of FAQs
    From the Effect drop down you can choose whether to insert a plain list or an AJAX enabled list.
  3. Select what filter to apply using the Display Criteria drop down and then click Insert.
    Business Catalyst inserts a placeholder tag representing the FAQs module. When you publish the page, links to the news items replace the placeholder tag.
  4. Click Publish or Save Draft.

The FAQ search form

From the Toolbox you can insert a dedicated search form that will enable site visitors to quickly find the item they are looking for. To insert the search form go to the Toolbox and select FAQs -> FAQs Search Form.

The system will insert the HTML search form as well as the {module_faqresults} module. This is used to render the results after site visitors trigger the search. Here is how the search form looks like:

The {module_faqresults} module is used to display the search results on the same page the form is inserted to. You can however customize the form to redirect the site visitor to a dedicated search results page like so:

  1. create a new page, FAQ-search-results for example the search results will be displayed on
  2. on this results page insert the {module_faqresults} module:
  3. on the page the search form is inserted to switch to the HTML view, the default code looks like this:
  4. change the PageID={module_oid} to ID=/faq-search-results and optionally remove the {module_faqresults} module like this:

With this setup in place when the site visitor submits the FAQ search form he will be redirected to the new results page - /faq-search-results and the search results will be output there.