Managing forum posts

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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With the forum in place, it's time to consider how you manage posts. As users submit new entries, you will be able to manually decide, for every separate post, whether or not it gets approved and published. To enable moderation, go to the Forum Details section and choose your moderation options. New User Posts Only allows users that have already registered with the forum to override your moderation. This way you'll only need to verify new posts from first time users.

Ok, so you now decide whether or not a post gets published. But how do you know when a post is submitted in the first place? Easy, just enable a Role Responsible from the forum create panel. With this option enabled the system sends an e-mail all users in that user role each time a new post is submitted.

That e-mail will offer options to either directly approve the post or access the item in the admin console.

When viewing a post through the admin console, you'll be able to delete or modify it, approve or disapprove it. You're also be able to make the post's topic sticky (no matter how many new topics are created, the sticky topic will always be the first displayed) and even move it to another forum.

Managing spam

As the forum community grows, moderating each individual post may become overwhelming, this is why enabling an automated way of detecting and preventing SPAM posts from being published on your forum is a very important mechanism. With the automated detection mechanism in place, comments detected as SPAM are automatically placed in the reported list and you can either delete them or mark them as safe.

Here is how to you can enable the SPAM detection mechanism:

Enforced captcha for high volume forums - Automatic forum captcha will be enabled if one of the forums on the site has more than 100 topics or more than 3000 posts; on these conditions, users will not be able to disable it; the captcha module will be automatically added by BC into the forum post form.

Allow subscribers to mark forum posts as spam

An extra layer of protection against SPAM bots is to enable the forum community users to report malicious posts. In order to enable this option you will need to add the {tag_markspamlink} tag to the Individual Post layout like so:

  1. Select Site Manager > Module Templates, and then click Forum Layouts.
  2. Select Individual Post Layout .
  3. Place the cursor in the content editor where you want to insert the spam link.
  4. From the Toolbox on the right, select {tag_markspamlink}.
  5. Click Save.

Notice: When captcha is enforced due to high volumes of comments or forum posts, the system will also automatically enable the spam detection mechanism (Akismet) for the site.

Additional Features

Bubble Topics

This option is particularly useful for forums with a large number of topics. In order to make sure the most relevant content is automatically promoted to the top of the list you can enable Bubble topics. With this option enabled the topics will no longer be ordered by date but by the number of views. The most visited topics will gradually move to the top of the list and topics with few views will drop down to the bottom of the list.

Enable Avatar

Another thing you can do for your forum users is enable them to use an avatar. Check this options from the Details Section of your Forum, and enable users to upload a custom image to be displayed alongside their names in each post they publish.

By default when trying to add a new post or topic, the user will see the "Update Details" link. This will open a form that will allow him to submit an image to be used as avatar. The update details link is generated by {tag_editor}, which is found in the Topics Page Layout and Posts Page layout