Enabling CAPTCHA

Updated on 06-April-2017 at 12:11 PM

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When adding the CAPTCHA fields to a webform the server-side validation is enabled by default. There are 2 things you need to check in order to have CAPTCHA enabled:

  1. Make sure the CAPTCHA field is added to the form in the Admin console:Enable reCaptcha v2
  2. Make sure the {module_recaptcha version="2"} module is added to the webform

    Campaign Signup forms

    The Campaign signup forms also come with a CAPTCHA field. Unlike regular webforms this field is added by default when inserting the signup form like so :

    Newsletter reCaptcha V2

    In order to enforce the server-side validation you will need to go to the Site Settings -> Captcha panel and enable the " " checkbox.

    Comment forms

    By default Comment forms have CAPTCHA enabled - in order to enable server-side validation you need to check the "Enforce captcha validation for Comments" checkbox.

    Please note that at the moment the CAPTCHA validation for comment forms cannot be disabled.


    All these mechanisms (CAPTCHA, server-side validation) only protect against automated SPAM submissions, bots or automated scripts that make submissions should be blocked.

    Forms filled in and submitted by a person (see this Wikipedia section on CAPTCHA "Human solvers") cannot be blocked using CAPTCHA, to block this kind of abuse you can enable the moderation options as described in this article

    If even after enabling the server-side validation you are having trouble with automatic SPAM comments coming through please submit a case with the support team.