Further customizing how the comments look like

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Customizing the way comments are displayed

The comments submitted for a particular item can be rendered using the {module_ratingfeedback} module. To control the information that is displayed (site visitor's name, the flag of the country he commented from, the comment date and so on, please see the comments layouts .

By default when inserting the {module_ratingrank } into a layout it will render the rating given to that specific item using star icons:

To use your custom icon set name your images using the same naming convention above (1stars.gif, 15stars.gif and so on) and upload them via sFTP to a folder of your choosing. Next, add this folder into the ratingrank module syntax like so:

{module_ratingrank, /images/my_icon_set}

Check BC Gurus for a video-tutorial on the comments module

BC Gurus - Using the Comments Module