Can media downloads be secured?

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Items uploaded as a media download item can be added to a secure zone so they are available only to authenticated users.


To implement this type of setup you first need to create a secure zone (learn how to Create a member only area ) and make sure to create a CRM contact that is subscribed to that secure zone so you can login in the front-end and test the setup. Here is how to subscribe a CRM contact to a secure zone .

Create and secure an item

Choose an existing media download item or create a new one. To add it to a secure area:

  1. expand the "Actions" drop down and choose the "Make Media Download Item Secure":
  2. select the secure zone to add this item to and click "Close"

At this moment the item can only be downloaded by authenticated users who are subscribed to at least one of the secure zones the item has been added to.

If the media download item is added to a non-secured page but the item itself is secured an anonymous user will see the item's link but will not be able to open or download the item.