Displaying and customizing Catalogs

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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This article explains how you can display your catalogs on your site. The article also covers how you can modify the look and feel of your catalogs by customizing the catalog layouts.

Insert the catalog in a page

By inserting your catalog on a page, you can display the list view of a catalog. This option is useful when you want to display multiple catalogs on a page.

To display the products within a catalog directly, you can either link to the URL of the catalog found in the catalog details page within the admin. Alternatively, you can link to the catalog from your menu. See the section below.

  1. Open the page in editing mode by selecting Site Manager > Pages and clicking the page in the tree view.

  2. Place the cursor in the content editor where you want to insert the catalog.

  3. In the Modules tab of the Toolbox found on the right of the editor , select E-Commerce > Catalogs, and then select Specific Catalog.

  4. Select your catalog from the list and click Insert.

    Business Catalyst inserts a placeholder tag representing the catalog. Example:{module_catalogue,591}. When you publish the page, the catalog replaces the placeholder tag.

  5. Click Publish or Save Draft.

You can also add a menu to a template. See Modify a page template .

  1. Select Site Manager > Menus, and click a menu in the list.

  2. Click Add Item and specify the properties of the menu item for the catalog.

  3. Specify the link to the catalog as follows:

    1. Click Select Link next to the Item URL text box.

    2. Select the Catalogs category in the Link Manager, and then select the catalog.

    3. Click the Select button.

  4. Click Save Item.

Customizing catalog layouts

When displaying catalogs on your site, there are two layouts within the admin that effect how these catalogs are displayed. These layouts are the 'Overall Layout' and the 'Individual Catalog' layouts, and can be found under the Site Manager > Module Templates > Online Shop Layouts section of the admin. For a full list of tags available within these layouts, refer to the Toolbox menu to the right of the editor within the layout, or see Tags - Quick Reference.

The Overall Layout is essentially a template for your products and catalogs. It wraps around the individual product and catalog layouts. This is used to display your online shop navigation items, such as the catalog breadcrumbs and shopping cart summary/link. This layout also allows you to specify the number of catalogs or products that display per page before pagination is shown.

See the below diagram for an illustration of how the overall layout works with catalogs:

The Individual Catalog layout, as the name suggests is used to customize the appearance of each individual catalog. By default, the layout displays the name of the catalog and the image as below:

You can customize both of the above layouts by first accesing the layouts from the Site Manager > Module Templates > Online Shop Layouts menu. With the layout open, insert additional content in the layout by selecting tags from the Data tab of the Toolbox, found on the right of the editor. You also have acces to the HTML of the template by clicking the HTML button at the bottom of the editor.

Displaying a catalog browse panel

Bussiness Catalyst allows you to display a browse panel on your online shop as below:

The browse panel displays the price ranges of your products and can be customized to hide sub-catalogs or on sale items. To add a browse panel to your online shop, select Site Manager > Module Templates > Online Shop Layouts > Overall Layout. Within the this layout, add the below tag:

This tag can be customized by modifying the below parameter:

{tag_browsepanel, hideOnSale, hidePriceBrackets, hideSubCatalogues}