Creating downloadable products

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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You can sell downloadable media files such as PDF files, Word documents, videos, and music. A link to download the file is provided to the customer in the invoice email after successfully purchasing the product. This article explains the process of setting up a downloadable product, and the workflow for a customer to purchase this product

Creating a downloadable product

  1. Add a product by selecting E-Commerce > Products, clicking Add Product, and specifying the product properties.

    For more information, see  Add a product.

  2. Select the Downloadable Product option and specify the properties.

    For details, see tool tips next to the options.

  3. Click Upload and then click Select to browse the media file on your computer.

  4. Click Upload and then click Save.

  5. Repeat the procedure for each downloadable product.

  6. Add the products to a catalog.

    For more information, see Creating Catalogs.

Customer Workflow for downloadble products

When a customer visits your online store to purchase a downloadable product, they will encounter the below workflow:

  1. Customer views the catalog and adds the downloadable product to the cart.
  2. Customer views the cart and checks out. Note: The product cannot be downloaded unless the payment status of the order is successful. If the customer used a payment method such as cash, then the site administrator must first approve the order payment. This is done by opening the order in the admin and adding a Offline Payment
  3. An invoice is emailed to the customer. The product name in the email is a link to download the new product:
  4. Upon clicking this link, the product will start downloading given the payment status is successful.