Downloadable Products practical use guide

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Before proceeding make sure you have added a Downloadable Product.

Note that you need to save the product before you upload the file.


When a client purchases an e-product, they receive an invoice just like any normal purchase from your shopping cart. The difference between a regular product and an e-product is the download link under Product.

Common issue - Downloading the file

If the system has a 'successful' payment against the sale, then the client should be able to download the item = Done, nothing further.

If payment is via "Process off-line" or "Direct Debit", or if there is some other issue with your shopping cart, then the link will create an error:

"ERROR: File cannot be downloaded at this time. Please contact the website where you purchased this product from."
At the time of writing, you cannot customize this error message.

The link will start working with no error once a site administrator has marked the payment as successful. (see below for how to do this)

Common Issue - Marking payment as Successful

If the payment is via "Process off-line", the sale still has a payment attached to it, but it is not a 'successful' payment. You can not apply another payment and you can not mark the current payment as successful. In order to apply a successful payment you will need to login in the Admin console and:

  1. Delete the current 'Pending' payment
  2. Apply a new payment
  3. Manually notify the purchaser that the link will work now

Since you are in the client's invoice for the above step

  1. Click 'Edit' the invoice
  2. Update the e-product item description to the text; "Now available for download"
  3. Click "Save" then click "Send invoice"

A new copy of the invoice will be sent to the client, with the text you added to the description.

Advanced option - Inform clients that the download is not available until payment is verified

Using some javascript, you could edit the "description" (tag_productdescription) for your Downloadable Products to read "Pending Payment approval- 24Hours" on the automatic invoice, so that the second invoice would be in context. Your first invoice might look like:

Product Description TotalSample E-productPending Payment approval - 24Hours $1.10