Set up USPS Shipping Option

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Set Up your United States Postal Service USPS account

Before you begin, create a USPS account . For more information, see the USPS website .

  1. Sign client up for a USPS Account or get them to signup with their info / email address.

  2. Then with their log in information sign them up for a USPS Web Tools account. 


  4. You will receive an e-mail from USPS support team with User ID

  5. Contact USPS Tech Support on this email address and ask them to Activate on Production Server your ID

Set up United States Postal Service USPS on your site

  1. Plug in your info into the Ecommerce -> Shipping Options -> Type USPS, Country, Tax Code, Origin Zipcode, Services, User ID (your client's USPS Web Tools Id)

  2. Make sure you have weights set  on your products dimension area