Setting up Tax

Updated on 20-October-2016 at 10:16 AM

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Use Business Catalyst tax codes to apply tax to products and shipping options used on your online store. You can set up different tax amounts for different countries, states, provinces, or territories.

For example, you can set up the Australian  US state tax for US customers.

Create tax codes

  1. Select E-Commerce > Tax Codes.

  2. Select the applicable country.

    Note: The country setting applies to country set for the domain name the visitor is browsing.

    Example: has a country setting of Australia. All tax codes created for Australia apply to visitors browsing

  3. Enter a display name, and tax percentage.

    Note: To display individual states or regions in the shopping cart, create a tax code for each region.


    • NSW - 10%
    • VIC - 10%
    • SA - 10%

    and so on.
  4. Click Save.

Apply tax to all orders

To apply tax to all orders regardless of the visitor's location, you can apply tax at a product level.

First create your tax codes and products, see  Create tax codes and Creating products.

  1. Select E-Commerce > Products and select a product from the list.
  2. Select the Prices tab.
  3. From the Tax Code menu, select the applicable tax option.
  4. Click Save Prices.


Apply country-specific tax

To set up tax for individual countries and regions, first create a tax code for each region. See  Create tax codes

The next step is to customize the shopping cart to display the tax codes.

  1. Select Site Manager > Module Templates, and then select Online Shop Layouts.
  2. Select Shopping Cart from the list.
  3. Locate the {tag_shippingoptions} tag and modify the tag as below:
  4. Click Save.

To further customize the shipping options tag, see  Tags - Quick Reference.

The shipping options now display a country and destination state menu showing all applicable tax codes.


Set up US state tax

If your online store sells products to the US, you can use Business Catalyst tax codes to display and apply tax for each state.

  1. Select E-Commerce > Tax Codes.
  2. From the country menu, select United States.
  3. Click Add all USA state tax rates, and then click OK.
The next step is to modify the shipping options tag. Follow the steps provided in  Apply country-specific tax.

Set up custom state or provincial tax

Business Catalyst allows you to set up and display custom state and provincial tax. 

You can customize the way tax is displayed to visitors by using the {tag_invoicetotaltaxamount} tag. This ta

g can be customized by adding one or more of the below options:

The extra parameters allow you to configure the system to break out part of the tax for a specific state into two parts.

To use this method, first include the extra tax amount in the state tax code setup, and then configure this tax to match the state.

When the state selected by a visitor matches state that the tag is configured for, the system takes the configured tax rate for that state (artificially including the special tax). It then subtracts the special tax rate to figure out what part of the tax belongs to the normal state tax. Next, it takes the difference between the newly calculated state tax and the total state tax and display that under the regular state tax. Each of these lines is labeled by the next two arguments [regular tax rate name] and [special tax rate name].

An example is shown here:

  • Tax Code BC is configured as 12% (the sum of 7% PST and 5% GST)
  • The tag is configured as follows: {tag_invoicetotaltaxamount,BC,5,PST,GST}
  • $100 order for BC would render the tax as follows: PST: $7 GST: $5